RoboCon 2022 Review

Published on Tue May 10 2022

RoboCon 2022 launched in October 2021 with the game "Gifts for the Wizard", a Wizard of Oz themed game in which the ultimate goal was for a team's robot to move their five gifts (cubes) from their country (zone) into the Emerald City in which the Wizard resides (the centre of the arena). The blog post from the launch event can be found here.

Read to the bottom to see this year's winners!

Robots in the RoboCon 2022 arena.

The competition was hosted at Hills Road Sixth Form College on 13th and 14th April 2022.

# Results

First, our supplementary awards for characteristics that set teams apart from the rest.

The Lion Award - Parkside Community College - for courage and perseverance, presented by CMR.

The Tin Man Award - Bottisham Village College (Team 2) - for fantastic style, presented by Frontier Developments.
The Scarecrow Award - Cranbrook School - for ingenuity and problem solving, presented by TTP.

Above is the Cranbrook robot with its clever plough/gate mechanism.

And now, the podium positions:

3rd - Longsands Academy
2nd - Cranbrook School

And finally:
1st - Bottisham Village College (Team 2)!

The podium position teams. Left to right: Longsands Academy (3rd), Bottisham Village College (Team 2) (1st), Cranbrook School (2nd).

And of course a massive congratulations to all of the teams that competed in RoboCon 2022 for their outstanding progress and development!
We'd also like to thank our sponsors: Frontier Developments, Citrix, Redgate, The Technology Partnership, and CMR Surgical.


Watch this space for information about RoboCon 2023, but for now, don't walk, do the robot!