# What is RoboCon?


RoboCon is a robotics competition which engages and inspires young minds. We provide a supportive learning environment, where students feel welcomed to learn about engineering and robotics. RoboCon is ultra accessible as it's free to enter and we provide schools with a comprehensive stand-alone kit that doesn't depend on school IT equipment. This enables them to build a basic robot to run in the competition and they can add to it however they like; the only limit is their imagination.

RoboCon is aimed at students in years nine to eleven. After announcing the year's game, we give teams time to engineer their creations. We mentor teams throughout this time, as well as supply them with documents on our website that explains the code which they are using, giving worked examples. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to provide this to the teams free of charge.

Below is a map showing where all the schools who competed in RoboCon 2023 were located!