# Getting Started

Welcome to the docs for Robocon 2024!

We suggest you first grasp the idea of the rules.


If you are viewing this page on your BrainBox then please check the website for the latest revision.

Game logo Once you've done that, you'll need to turn your robot on.

To begin, get familiar with the kit provided. It includes :

Count Parts
2 Lithium Polymer Batteries
1 Battery Bag
1 Battery Charger
1 BrainBox
2 Motor
2 Wheels
1 Caster Wheel
1 Chassis Kit
2 Servo Motor
1 Start Button
1 Power Switch

::: caution- Handling batteries incorrectly can be dangerous. Make sure you follow these safety guidelines at all times. :::


You can also access these docs from your robot. Go to http://robot.go/docs when you're connected to your robot.

It might also be a good idea to sign up for the forum. You can do this using the registration code provided in your kit. This is a great place to ask questions on anything related to the competition, the kit, or robot programming.