RoboCon 2024 kick-off

Published on Sat Oct 28 2023

Today we welcomed 8 schools with over 20 students at our RoboCon 2024 kick-off event.

The day started with a presentation from two of our students about this year's competition ‘Hot Potato’. The aim of the game is to get rid of all the potatoes from your potato patch and retrieve your prized jacket potato from the diagonally opposite patch.

The students then got to complete a set of mini challenges. These challenges are a great way to explore the capabilities of our new spud-tacular version 3 BrainBoxes.

We wish this year's teams the best of luck with their robot building.

Missed the event? View the presentation here:

You can find the docs at and the rules at For any more help, email us at [email protected]. Happy robot-making!