The Result of RoboCon 2019!

Published on Wed Jun 19 2019

# Comberton Village College wins RoboCon 2019!

After a months of work by the teams on their robots the RoboCon teams competed. They worked tirelessly over the weekend to improve their robots and adapt to new challenges. It was a great success and everyone got something out of it however it is a competition and so there have to be victors.

4th - The Leys
3rd - Longsands Academy
2nd - Chesterton Community College
1st - Comberton Village College

However building robotis is not all about doing well once it is about getting it right everytime and so we would also like to congratulate the following teams on their excelent sustained achivement.

Team image - Parkside Community College
Team work - St Mary's School, Cambridge
Judges award - Cranbrook School
Best Software - Saint Bede's Inter-Church School
Design prize - King’s Ely

We would also like to thank Citrix, Arm, CMR and Frontier Developemnts for their contributions to the competition without whom none of this would have been possible.

We will release details about RoboCon 2020 in the comming weeks, till then Don't walk. Do The Robot!